The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia is the national regulatory and supervisory body of the Republic of Serbia for air transportation, operating under the Air Transport Law of the Republic of Serbia and the EU regulations. Its priority is continuous work towards the improvement of the conditions necessary to ensure aviation safety and security in accordance with the international standards. The Directorate is a public agency over which the Government exercises the founder's rights on behalf of the Republic of Serbia, performing the state administration activities as entrusted to it under the Air Transport Law of the Republic of Serbia.

Within its competence, the Civil Aviation Directorate of the Republic of Serbia performs the activities that contribute towards the continuous improvement of air transport. They are as follows: Adoption of aviation regulations and the first instance administrative acts; Issue of public documents (certificates... More
The civil aviation safety in the Republic of Serbia is our top priority and the backbone of the operation of the Directorate. All activities of the Directorate are focused on achieving a more reliable and efficient development of aviation safety systems. More
Air Passenger Rights
Air Passengers Rights
In order to make aviation safer in accordance with the international standards, recommended practices and the assumed international obligations, the responsible and professional teams of inspectors of the Directorate constantly supervise the providers of air navigation services, air carriers, aircraft owners, or aircraft operators, airport operators, aerodromes and airfields, investors in airports, More
International Cooperation and European Integrations
The Directorate participates in the work of international aviation organizations, institutions, and their auxiliary bodies and co-operates with the authorities of other countries in accordance with the Air Transport Law. Over the past ten years we had been working intensively to improve international co-operation and successfully achieved that, particularly as regards the European integration More
Flight Permissions
Flight Permissions
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